Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Last Hungry Cat Backgrounds

Tom O’Loughlin came up with these exteriors for “The Last Hungry Cat” (released in 1961) from Hawley Pratt layouts.

This is the cartoon that’s a take-off on the Alfred Hitchcock TV show (complete with a bear walking into its own outline). Milt Franklyn’s inverse of the old song “Me-ow” is a neat opening theme. A pretty good late Freleng cartoon from near the end of the Warners studio.


  1. That variation (of sorts) of "Me-ow" a la Franklyn was also used at the end of 1960's "Hyde & Tweet" and at the open of 1958's "Cat's Paw", just name some examples. The final Tweety-Granny scene's a neat little proto-"Catch 22" type situation where, as expected Sylevester first kisses, Tweety, and decided to eat him and Granny whisks him on the noggin with her broom BUT making it the type of situation mentioned, is that even if Sylvester had just restricted contact to even BEING there, had Granny come in, he STILL would not last one second there anyhow...."Once a bad old'puddytat..." Dave Mackey's (sadly, apparently) now down website on the WB cartoons identifies Ben Frommer (who did some WB work as credited for the studio, notably Count Bloodcount in 1963's "Transylvania 6-5000") as the Hitchcock parody.

  2. Wish I hadn't let my subscription lapse to Burp magazine.

  3. The is something of a companion piece to Friz's 1957 Oscar-winner "Birds Anonymous". Not as strong as the original, but still above-average for the theatricals as they had become by 1961.