Thursday 5 June 2014

Woody Rings Chime

Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda and a mouse zoom to a food-laden party in “Banquet Busters” (1947). After four drawings of Woody’s finger stretching to the doorbell, the rest of his head and hat catches up in six frames.

Then Woody’s neck.

Finally his body.

This footage is the work of Les Kline. Thad Komorowski has passed on this helpful know-your-animator chart from this short.

This is a good one to learn animator styles from, because only three animate the bulk of the footage.

0:57-2:06 — Les Kline
2:07-3:00 — Pat Matthews
3:01-4:14 — Ed Love
4:15-4:59 — Matthews
5:00-end — Love
Pies are animated by Sidney Pillet.


  1. Who do you think animated Woody and Andy playing flutes? Because I heard Fred Moore animated on this short but I'm not sure. The animation in that scene looks very fluid, especially on Andy.

  2. Loren, if I recall, these names came from the animator draft, which means Moore didn't work on this one.

    1. Ok. I really enjoy the animation though, especially of the end scene with Wally's shotgun by Ed Love. I also enjoy Fred Moore's work in "Wild and Woody".