Friday 6 June 2014

Oooooh! I'm Dyin'

Bugs Bunny discovers after he promises to help a penguin get home that penguins are native to the South Pole.

You know the next line.

Bugs says does the “dyin’” routine later in the cartoon but the animation’s different.

Credited animators are Phil Monroe, Ben Washam, Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan and Emery Hawkins.


  1. The motion and angles by the natives in this cartoon was some early toe-dipping by Jones into his later, more stylized UPA look.

    (Also, when they opened the new cruise ship dock on the Brooklyn waterfront a decade ago, I was really hoping one of the ships using the facility would be named the Admiral Byrd, in honor of Bugs' other big reaction 'take' in this cartoon.)

  2. Jesus, "Yowp-Yowp" Dodsworth!

    This Bugs Bunny short (directed by the late master Chuck Jones) - which involves a tiny (and cute) penguin - is anthological!

  3. Now give us "Pen-gu-ins is practi-cully chickens..."