Monday, 21 October 2013

Screwy Horsesense

Lonesome Lenny decides to sock Screwy Squirrel and set up a gag in his eponymous cartoon. Another great, though typically Tex Avery, fright take by Screwy.

Screwy checks the boxing glove. Sure enough, it’s filled with horseshoes (did a fighter actually do that at one time?) and, by logical extension, a horse.

The horse trots out to end the scene. Scott Bradley’s soundtrack plays the 1926 Byron Gay/Richard Whiting novelty song “Horses.”

Avery used a horseshoe/horse gag again in “Bad Luck Blackie.” I’m sure it came up in another cartoon.

Ed Love, Preston Blair, Ray Abrams and Walt Clinton are the credited animators with Heck Allen handling the story.

By the way, if you want to hear a fun version of “Horses,” play this:

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  1. The horseshoe in the glove gag originated from Tex's DANGEROUS DAN McFOO ('39).