Thursday, 10 October 2013

Death Comes to Homer the Hunter

So you think cartoon characters who are shot and killed come back to life in the next scene? Not in Tex Avery’s “Field and Scream.”

The gag is a hunter is wearing an outfit to ensure hunters know he’s not wild game. It’s obvious to all but Homer, the incredibly stupid hunter. Here’s the cautious hunter being shot to death.

Homer’s such a moron, he thinks what he shot had antlers. He demonstrates to a friend on a nearby bluff. Homer becomes a victim of karma. Just a few of the drawings.

Even the star of the cartoon, Ed, dies at the end.

The animation’s by Grant Simmons, Mike Lah and Walt Clinton. Designs (uncredited) by Ed Benedict.

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  1. Avery would even kill of recurring characters like Screwy Squirrel and George & Junior at the end of a cartoon... and not bring them back.