Monday, 20 May 2013

She's a Dog...Or Is She?

Tex Avery’s “Wags to Riches” has a juxtaposition scene by Mike Lah where Spike shows opposing attributes listed by an executor (voiced by Pat McGeehan) as qualifications to inherit his late master’s estate. He’s clean-minded. But with an eye for beauty.

Lest you think there’s interspecies lust going on here, here’s Johnny Johnsen’s background drawing. The babe has a dog face that you don’t see when Spike is in the scene.

Late word: Thad Komorowski passed on a note that he doesn’t see a dog face. Upon closer inspection, he’s probably right and it’s just heavy makeup on the left eye instead of an oval black dog-nose. Oh, well, the sequence is funny anyway.

Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Bobe Cannon also animated this cartoon.


  1. This is actually the first scene for Spike in his debut cartoon, but you wouldn't know it, because Avery nailed the character from the outset. I've never seen an interview with Tex explaining why he dropped him after his sabbatical, but Michael Lah was smart enough to revive him for the CinemaScope Droopy efforts (albeit with a different name, UPA-ized design and the Bill Thompson voice Tex gave Spike for "Droopy's Double Trouble").

    1. I suppose we'll never know why Tex did so, but it is something to think about.