Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Have a Cigar

Tom tries to force Jerry out of his hole with cigar smoke in “Professor Tom” (released in 1948). It doesn’t work. First, the cat turns blue, then green.

The capper is why Jerry is unaffected by the fetid smell. He walks out to Scott Bradley’s plucked strings.

The unsung ink and paint department had to gradually change from blue to green over the course of several seconds of screen time. I can only imagine what the colour instructions looked like.

The credited animators are the usual four in the Hanna-Barbera unit.

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  1. Just goes to REALLY show you that smoking is very, very BAD and very painful, and it's very quite somewhat fatal to you, how uncool!.

    The animation in these old Tom and Jerry's was actually VERY real indeed, not just the smoothness, the detail and the professionalism, and the strong articulation withstanding, but it's really the animators realistically actually REALLY feeling what it is like if they do anything dangerous and stupid and whatnot and they correctly felt both the action and the entire feeling themselves from the characters way more realistic and way more TRUER and 9,0000000X gazillion correcter and purely actual-honester and a lot MORE HUMAN than live-action and reality whatnot, sometimes it pays that cartoons are a thousand gazillion WAY MORE truer, realistic and way more HONEST the real-deal than the original!.

    Clearing the situation specifically on my part and opinion - Tom and Jerry is sure it!, the all-time best and post-modern from the entire Hanna-Barbera partnership and MGM's most successful carton series ever!.

    Great post, as always, Yowp!. - yours truly - Asim!.