Tuesday 25 September 2012

Woody Dines Out Surprise

How surprised is Woody at seeing a lion walk toward him? His head becomes a red smear.

The smear moves back for a couple of drawings. Then it develops telescope eyes, and the rest of the bodies catches up to them.

This is from Shamus Culhane’s “Woody Dines Out” (1944). The only credited animator is Don Williams but Mark Kausler reveals in the comments who was responsible for this wonderful scene.


  1. Hi Tralfaz,
    That's one of Emery Hawkin's scenes. I love how Woody's neck ruff catches up to his head last of all. This take really demonstrates the concept of delay in full animation, and overlapping action. Emery was one of the top animators of the 1940s, and for all time!
    Mark Kausler

  2. have u seen the "wildtake" channel on youtube?