Sunday 9 September 2012

Handwriting of the Stars

All kinds of newspaper stories were written about Jack Benny over the course of his career—reviewing his films and radio show, dissecting his comedy, interviewing him about his time in show business and eulogising his life.

Perhaps the most unusual story appeared in newspapers in January 1975 when a syndicated columnist analysed his handwriting.

Joanne Romine did this for a number of celebrities in the mid-‘70s. She found Don Rickles and Lynn Redgrave “complex.” Frank Sinatra was “an intensely deep feeling man.” Phyllis Diller “will listen to the ideas and opinions of others.” Bob Newhart is “inscrutable.” What were her conclusions about Jack Benny?

Jack Benny used wit to hide tenderness
Copley News Service
Jack Benny, the late, great comic, accomplished more in 39 years than most people accomplish in 80! Let’s take a peak at his writing and see if we can determine some of the characteristics that contributed to his success.
His writing revealed an unusual amount of drive and determination. (Check the long, heavy down stroke on his Y.) Once he set his sights on a goal, there was nothing, save an act of God, that could keep him from attaining that goal. He could survive sorrow, disappointment, even temporary failure, and keep right on trucking. When he was discouraged, only his loved ones ever knew because he’d bluff his way through until enthusiasm returned.
He was a warm, friendly affectionate man, tending to be somewhat conservative in his show of affection. He was inclined to conceal his tenderness by wrapping it in a witty remark, but he really was a tender-hearted person. His feelings could easily he hurt by the casual comments of others. (Note the big loop in the stem of his D.)
He had his low moments, and because of his intense feeling nature, low was “bottom” to Jack. However, his love of people and life, and a keen interest in the world around him soon put him hack in action.
He was no slouch mentally. If he hadn’t pursued a career in entertainment, he could have excelled in the field of scientific research. He was a man with a lot of questions and he looked for answers, not being content until he found them.
Jack Benny was honest and forthright in his dealings with others. He could be direct and frank He would avoid trying to hurt others whenever possible by softening his statements with diplomacy. Since his integrity was unquestionable... it really must have been true ... he was only 39 years old ... or he never learned to count!
A wonderful man ... at any age.

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