Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Rascally Rabbit, 1920s-style

It’s a cartoon routine worthy of Bugs Bunny—except it happened in 1925.

Julius the cat captures a wily wabbit in Alice Gets Stung. The rabbit then emotes a tale of woe to gain Julius’ sympathy and her release. Two other rabbits assist, emerging from a hole and playing “Hearts and Flowers” on violins.

The tale continues about multiple young rabbits sobbing and crying for their mother. It seems to me Daffy Duck pulled off a story of children to avoid violence in at least two cartoons.

The tearful Julius agrees to set the rabbit free.

Ah, but it’s all a ruse. The rabbit was only joshing. Ooooh, that twickster!

Ub Iwerks isn’t credited, but animated on this short, along with Rollin C. (Ham) Hamilton.

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  1. Also looks close enough in design to the white rabbit Ben Hardaway used with the same gag in "Porky's Hare Hunt" (a gag which Freleng and Tedd Pierce had sort of used around the same time for Friz's color effort "The Lyin' Mouse").