Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wolf Puts on the Brakes

Mighty Mouse is so mighty, he rips the clothes and fur right off the bad guy wolf in Mother Goose’s Birthday Party. Yes, M.M., that’s what you’re holding in your hand.

The wolf skids to a stop, with the famous Terry Brake Squeal, heard in countless cartoons, in the background. This is one of a few scenes in the cartoon when body parts pop at the camera. Here are some of the poses.

How’s this from pose to pose? The flap in the underwear slowly peals back. The wolf reacts.

Director Connie Rasinski holds that drawing above for five frames to let it register.

Fans of the Terry Splash™ will be disappointed it is not heard in this cartoon, but they will see more of that spikey Jim Tyer animation (including a fight inside a birthday cake) and a great walk cycle of the wolf heading toward the castle.

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  1. That scene with the underwear flap always gets me when I see it. I suppose in the back of my head for a long time, I sorta wonder what was beyond that part. Assuming it went there, I suppose a very human-looking butt anyway. I recall similar gags like that showed up in other cartoons anyway, even up to the 1990's when a stupid sequel to All Dogs Go To Heaven had to give a dog the same gag.