Monday, 30 March 2015

Out You Go Once And For All

Who’s going to throw whom out of the old lady’s house—Bugs Bunny or Sylvester the dog (played by Tedd Pierce)? The answer keeps changing in “Hare Force” (1944), a cartoon declared “a howl” by Film Daily. The dog picks up Bugs and walks toward the door. But turns things around and picks up the dog and heads in the same direction. I like how the switch is quickened simply by having multiple dogs and rabbits in a frame, instead of having two per frame.

Then the characters exchange places. The expressions are great; but you’ll never see them unless you freeze-frame the cartoon.

They switch back.

Who wins? Bugs and the dog. They throw out the old lady (played by Bea Benaderet).

Manny Perez gets the rotating animation credit.


  1. I believe this is Ken Champin's animation, but don't sue me if I'm mistaken.

  2. Clampett's Bugs of the period tended to be meaner to his over-matched adversaries throughout his cartoons, but Friz's Bugs of 1944 was the one who'd wait 'till the end of the cartoon to do something hilariously awful, like throwing Granny out in the cold to freeze or leaving Red dangling over a bed of coals holding about 50,000 pounds of household goods and gym items.