Monday, 2 March 2015

Fox Catches Dog

A standard-issue Tex Avery dog attempts to bag a fox in “Out-Foxed.” Lots of brushed swirls before we see the fox has bagged the dog.

Bobe Cannon’s working for Avery on this one, as well as Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Mike Lah.

Variety gives you an idea how long it took MGM to put this one in theatres:
Fred Quimby added ‘Outfoxed’ to cartoon slate at Metro. (June 26, 1947)

Leo Shows 5 Shorts
Five Metro shorts are scheduled for release during November. They include "Out-Foxed," Technicolor cartoon produced by Fred Quimby; "The Lonesome Mouse," a Gold Medal reprint cartoon; "In Old Amsterdam," FitzPatrick Traveltalk with color by Technicolor; and two Pete Smith specialties, "Water Trix" and "How Come?" (Oct. 21, 1949)

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