Friday, 18 October 2013

Swing You Sinners!

“Swing You Sinners” is an amazing cartoon. It was produced by the Fleischer studio in 1930. It’s leaps and bounds above animated shorts made just a couple of years earlier, and even the Terry and Van Beuren cartoons of the same year look crude by comparison.

Bizarre images just keep morphing one after the other as the story flows along like a nightmare. Ted Sears and Willard Bowsky get the animation credits but I’d love to know who else worked on it.

Here’s just one little example. Bimbo escapes from a barn, which grows feet and follows after him. The creepy characters who threatened him inside the barn now poke through and do it outside.

My thanks to Devon Baxter for the screen grabs from one of the greatest cartoons of all time. I’ll take it over anything by Disney any day.


  1. This is one of Grim Natwick's scenes, Yowp!
    Mark Kausler

  2. Where did you get HD photos of this I can only find sd?