Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It's All Just a Film, Folks

The climax of “My Favorite Duck” (1942) is interrupted when the film breaks.

Another inventive gag by Mike Maltese in a Chuck Jones cartoon at Warners. The animation credit went to Rudy Larriva.


  1. Based on formal screen credits, this was the first Jones-Maltese collaboration. Mike and Chuck would reuse the 'broken film' gag a few years later for the climax of 'Rabbit Punch', but there it feels like a bit of a cop-out, because you expect Bugs to emerge triumphant on-screen against a bigger physical foe and he really doesn't here -- he just cuts the film to solve his railroad problem (and at least when Mike and Friz did something similar in "Hare Trigger" we got to see Bugs with the beaten Sam and the reward money before the fade-out).

    1. Yeah, but there is still the difference that Bugs cuts the film himself.

  2. Well, possibly Bugs didn't want you to see the ending where he suddenly turned into "Super-Rabbit", beating "The Champ" into a bloody pulp....... ;)

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