Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bashing the Walrus

Woody Woodpecker isn’t the only character to get his licks in against Wally Walrus. A bathing bird does in one cartoon, too.

This was from Wally’s one appearance in the Andy Panda series, “Dog Tax Dodgers.” Jack Mather voices Wally and I imagine the bird is Grace Stafford. Walter Tetley is Andy. LaVerne Harding and Pat Matthews get the animation credits; I doubt Harding did the face-smack you see above (late note: Severin Murray identifies it as a Matthews scene).

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  1. Yeah, the Andy Pandas from 1948-49 are my favorites because of Andy's more streamlined design, partly because of Fred Moore arriving at Lantz (think back to The Little Whirlwind, a Mickey Mouse cartoon that gives him a streamlined design similar to Andy's.
    And by the way, I was just watching "Playful Pelican", and do you think you or Thad could confirm if the entire opening sequence up to the anchor scene was Ed Love? I noticed Love gave Andy thick eyebrows, small eyes, and bigger eye spots.