Friday, 17 May 2013

Disney Drunken Dwarves

Pointless dancing, objects-as-instruments and lots of rubber hose animation. That’s why the early Silly Symphonys are lots of fun. Oh, and drunken dwarves.

This is a great drawing from “The Merry Dwarfs” (1929).

Yeah, I understand why Walt Disney evolved away from the rubber hose style and gave us the beautifully animated dwarves of “Snow White” a few years down the road. But the work of Ub Iwerks and his Disney confrères (Johnny Cannon and Les Clark perhaps?) is still a treat to watch.

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  1. I believe Wilfred Jackson and Jack King would've been Disney's other animators in this period--prior to Ferguson switching from the camera department and move to animation.

    As for me, I find the best Silly Symphonies to be from about 1934-1937...particularly cartoons like TORTOISE AND THE HARE, WOODLAND CAFE, etc. When animators like Fred Moore, Ham Luske, Norm Ferguson or Bill Tytla were dominants of the animation department.

    I, too, like the early Mickies and Silly Symphonies from prior 1931.