Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Dog and Cat Fight a la Tyer

After an establishing shot of an antique shop in The Helpful Genie (1951), director Connie Rasinski cuts to a shot of a dog and cat being told by their owner (played by Dayton Allen) to behave. They don’t. Instead, they grow two heads and five legs.

“Here, here, stop that!” says the owner. There’s a pause in the fight, though some short movements are animated on twos. Then the dog licks the cat to show his friendship.

Jim Tyer takes up a good portion of the start of the cartoon. There’s solid animation of the dog chasing the cat, a neat take when the Genie comes out of the lamp, and a few gags you’ll recognise as variations of ones from other cartoons.


  1. I guess Tyer doesn't appeal to everyone. A friend of mine looked at these frames and commented, "That guy was a lousy artist." I tried to explain that Tyer's animation was often the best thing about some of these Terrytoons, but I guess he hasn't seen enough of them to understand. He said he couldn't imagine, for example, Friz Freleng putting up with that kind of animation. Well, maybe, but then, perhaps, Freleng's cartooons never needed Tyer's kind of help.

    1. I can understand why. Mike Barrier addressed this in his tome on Hollywood Cartoons in comparing Tyer to Rod Scribner.
      I can't say I'm big on Terrytoons, but readers here seem to love Tyer's work and the unique ways he pulls characters around. It takes creativity to come up with poses like the ones in this post.