Tuesday 24 August 2021

Ding Dog Dud

There are times when Pinto Colvig’s Goofy voice is funny in other cartoons. Little Rural Riding Hood comes to mind. Ding Dog Daddy doesn’t.

It’s a 1942 cartoon by the Freleng unit at Warner Bros. Colvig plays a dog who is so stupid, he can’t figure out a metal statue of a dog isn’t a real female dog. Even after “Daisy” has been scrapped and turned into a bombshell for the war effort, the Colvig dog still thinks of it as real somehow.

That’s just too stupid for my tastes.

Here are some frames of a scene where the dog kisses the statue, which is hit by (and conducts) lightning.

The story is by Tedd Pierce. He and Colvig were both at the Fleischer studio in Miami; Pierce returned to the Leon Schlesinger studio on June 26, 1941. Gerry Chiniquy was given the animation credit, while Sara Berner plays a snooty, snubbing dog with a word edited out of the soundtrack.


  1. Yep... It has been close to 30 years since I've seen this one. I just remember the dog running through the ammunition plant under Beethoven's 9th Symphony yelling; " Daisy!!!! Daiiiiiisy!!! ", and of course the kiss and lighting strike. To quote Wally Cleaver. This one was....ah...." Kinda Goofy!! ". No pun intended on Colvig's voicing of the dog.

  2. Hans Christian Brando25 August 2021 at 17:13

    As a body of work, Warner Bros. cartoons are still the most all-around satisfying. It's pretty impressive, considering the volume of work they put out, that there are relatively few uninspired entries like this one.

    1. Pretty much, say from 1940 to about 1960. There were several years in a row it seemed like almost everything was a hit. And I'd certainly rather watch Avery or Clampett cartoons of the late '30s than whatever MGM or Disney were putting out.