Friday, 11 June 2021

Jim Tyer is Cat Happy

Was Jim Tyer on catnip when he animated Cat Happy? There’s a scene where Percy the cat is twisted into all kinds of shapes when he orders Little Roquefort to put the cheese back in the fridge.

But he goes even crazier when Percy sniffs some catnip balls. These are just some of the drawings. Only Tyer would do this.

There are others equally as bizarre but we’ll leave it at that. If you have a video file of the cartoon and you’re a Tyer fan, you must stop-motion this scene.

Fans of the Terry Splash™ will be pleased it shows up about five minutes in. And we get another one of the jerky saxophone marches by Phil Scheib.


  1. love love LOVE! And who (here) is NOT a fan of that "infamous splash!!?" lol

  2. Just found this - nice - thanks

  3. Have to confess I like the "Fleischer Splash" better--All together now, *whooossssshhhhhh*