Thursday, 15 October 2020

An Unmerry Merry-Go-Round

John Irving Pettybone’s obsession is conducting Dixieland records, and throughout Dixieland Droopy, he takes his record here and there to conduct it, only to get kicked out for annoying people.

In one scene, he decides to substitute his record for the merry-go-round music in an amusement park where children are riding wooden horses.

The Dixieland music makes the merry-go-round go-round faster. Gotta love the screaming kids.

Pan to the ticket seller. Here’s his take.

He has one those funny, hi-step walks like you find in the later Avery cartoons at MGM.

Droopy, er, Pettybone gets kicked out and it’s on to the next scene.

Mike Lah, Grant Simmons and Walt Clinton are the animators.


  1. In case anyone's interested, "Dixieland Droopy" may be found on Vimeo:

  2. Avery's only CinemaScope effort (other than the two reworked by Hanna-Barbera), though unlike MGM's efforts from the H-B unit, AKAIK, the widescreen version of "Dixieland Droopy" has never made it to video.

    1. As far as I know, there was never a Cinemascope version of Dixieland Droopy. It's an unverified runor that's been circulating on the 'net forever.