Friday, 22 March 2019

Have a Bite of Chicken

Miss Prissy’s son bites Foghorn Leghorn in A Broken Leghorn. Here are some of the drawings, including some in-betweens.

The take is actually the third frame. Director Bob McKimson had six drawings on twos as Foggy slightly scrunches his head before bursting up for the scream. It emphasises the big eyes and small pupils.

Warren Batchelder and Tom Ray join Ted Bonnicksen and George Grandpré in animating this one. It either had a long gestation period or sat on a shelf. The other cartoons that went into production around the same time were released in 1956. This was released in 1959. McKimson’s cartoons before and after this one began production had Russ Dyson as an animator; he died on September 29, 1956.

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