Monday 27 March 2017

Terrytoons' Red

MGM had Red. Walter Lantz had Miss XTC. And Terrytoons had, well, she didn’t have a name. But she served the same purpose as the other two in getting menfolk all excited in the short Post War Inventions (1945).

For no logical reason, women start appearing above Gandy Goose and then Sourpuss. They’re mirages, of course, as Sourpuss fails to capture one floating above him.

The women drift into a television screen. Then Red comes on to sing to the swooning Sourpuss. No huge eye takes here.

The punch-line (literally and figuratively) gets set up when the TV set automatically keeps changing channels. We see a commercial (in blackface) as well as a fight. Sourpuss goes to kiss the Red stand-in.

As usual, none of Terry’s animators are credited.


  1. I'm surprised the censors did not make them use attractive "cat-women", as there is some bestiality(correct spelling!) present in the human woman kissing the cartoon cat. Most animal characters have animal partners. Even Terry Toons Krakatoa Katie was a "mouse-woman"

  2. Ah, okay. I remember this one from local TV airings, but not the TV/Pretty Girl business. I'm guessing it was deleted because of the blackface bit.