Friday, 4 March 2016

Schicklgruber Plugged In

Ah, there’s nothing like trying to electrocute Hitler to make a wartime audience cheer in their seats. That’s what we get in a wild, effects-filled scene in Bob Clampett’s Russian Rhapsody (1944). Gremlins plug der Fuehrer’s nose into a light socket. Result? Neon dictator. Here are some drawings repeated during the scene.

And some Nazi gag poses.

There’s also a cameo appearance by the gremlin from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Falling Hare in the bottom left corner.

Rod Scribner receives the animation credit. Bob and Tom McKimson and Manny Gould would have been animating for Clampett around this time.


  1. All of the stories at Warners credited to Lou Lily end with someone either dead or going to hell. Works way better when it's Hitler than when it's Elmer Fudd.

  2. And the effects are done, of course, by former animator A.C.Gamer.