Tuesday, 26 January 2016

We Won't Do That Again

UPA was known for stylised animation, not wild Tex Avery-style takes. There’s a lot of the former in The Miner’s Daughter (1950), but there’s one of the latter, too. Not as exaggerated as Avery but something that UPA avoided in future cartoons.

Pete Burness, Pat Matthews (he drew telescope eye-takes at Lantz), Bill Melendez, Willie Pyle and Paul J. Smith animated this from a story by Bill Scott, Phil Eastman and Bob Russell. Jim Backus lends his Hubert J. Updyke/Thurston Howell III voice to the effort.

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  1. Can't have any reaction takes that can't also be filmed in live-action -- as Fred Quimby told Avery early in his MGM stint, "We'll have none of that Warner Brothers rowdyism here." (the interesting/sad thing when you look at some of the later UPA theatrical Magoos is even with the higher budgets, the reaction 'takes' by other characters to the results of Quincy's actions are actually more exaggerated in the low-budget made-for-TV cartoons).