Monday 30 November 2015

The Buzz Trap

Sleazy insurance salesman Buzz Buzzard greases the sidewalk to snare a victim in Wet Blanket Policy. The victim is Woody Woodpecker.

The selected frames pretty much tell the story. There’s a popping sound effect when Woody’s mallet-mashed top knot bursts up again.

Les Kline and Ken O’Brien get the rotating animation credits. Heck Allen wrote the story with Bugs Hardaway.


  1. It's surprising it took this long in the series to come up with an opponent that allowed Woody to be as nasty as he could be to him, and not have the audience feeling a little sympathy for the victim (i.e. -- Wally had the same problem with Woody that Friz Freleng identified as Elmer's problem with Bugs; he was just too stupid/naive to go full-bore against. Buzz's initial design and Lionel Stadler's gravely, menacing voice created a character who was even less sympathetic and more open to abuse than how Friz and Michael Maltese set up Yosemite Sam as Bugs' new foil).

  2. According to Devon Baxter's post on Cartoon Research, the draft credits this scene to Les Kline.