Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hello, I Wish to Report a Jerry Beck Sighting

Is anyone reading this near Hunt Valley, Maryland? How would you like to go to Hunt Valley, Maryland? There’s a reason you should. It’s the home of this year’s

Reader Roger Scales sent me a note about it. The convention features a whole bunch of women who showed off their breasts on the big screen in the ‘60s. But that isn’t why you want to go. You want to go to see their:


Sayeth the news release in my inbox:
If you bought the POPEYE, THE SAILOR, WOODY WOODPECKER or LOONEY TUNES cartoon DVDs, you probably heard Beck supplying audio commentary. Early in his career, Beck collaborated with film historian Leonard Maltin on his book OF MICE AND MAGIC (1980), organized animation festivals in Los Angeles, and was instrumental in founding the international publication ANIMATION MAGAZINE. Jerry is among the guest of honors at this year's convention and will be providing a fascinating history of BETTY BOOP and another on POPEYE, THE SAILOR, at the convention this September. Bring your books and DVDs and ask Jerry to sign them for you! Jerry also has a superb blog found here
You can see breasts any time, right? Just look them up on the internet, or go to the beach if you want to ogle some in person. But how many times, dear readers near Hunt Valley, Maryland, can you see Jerry Beck?

The event is September 17 to 19, at the Hunt Valley Wyndham, Maryland. And although the news release I got involves the aforementioned ‘60s cult film actresses, who I bet will have some great stories about their careers, I have just checked out the convention’s web site and see the guest star list includes Angela Cartwright, Jon Provost and Lee Majors. And Terry Moore. What? Seminars on Al Jolson and KNX disc jockey Bob Crane (I believe he was in a TV show, too. Something about a POW camp). And David Pollock will be there to talk about Bob and Ray!?! This looks like a really fun event. The convention has a Facebook page and their web site is HERE.

Warning: Beware of imposters engaging in Jerry Beck cosplay.


  1. Is this the first time that "Jerry Beck" and "breasts" appear in the same paragraph?

  2. Looking forward to the show. Bond girls, Bionic cast reunion and Dean Stockwell... I will be there!