Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Chase Meeces To Pieces

You know how Mr. Jinks used to chase Pixie and Dixie along the same baseboard, past the same light socket 16 times. The bicycling background concept wasn’t something Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera invented, nor was it something they only used in TV cartoons.

Here’s an example from “Dog Trouble,” a 1942 Tom and Jerry cartoon. In a few of the early T&Js, Tom had a run cycle of eight drawings with his front paws sweeping down from above his head and back paws flapping in mid-air. Here are the drawings.

We’ve turned it into an endless run cycle. It’s a little bit slower than in the actual cartoon.

There are no animators credited on the copy of the cartoon on DVD but a full draft from the MGM files listing the animators on each scene still exists. Mark Kausler reveals the animator of this scene in the comments.

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  1. What would the MGM animators have done without good drybrush? This is Jack Zander's scene, according to the original draft of "Dog Trouble". The other animators were Bill Littlejohn, Irv Spence, George Gordon and Cecil Surry.