Tuesday 17 February 2015

Bad Luck Blackie Trunk Gag

What? It’s been over two years since we posted something from “Bad Luck Blackie”? Well, let’s fix that.

Every cat owner will recognise the kitten’s screw-you expression.

Everyone here knows how this cartoon works. The kitten is threatened by the bulldog. The kitten blows a whistle. The black cat crosses the bulldog’s path for bad luck. Bad luck falls from the sky. Repeat gag with variation.

This is the trunk scene. Scott Bradley and his arranger help out with quiet woodwinds as the black cat flicks its feet during this version of the walk.

Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton, Louie Schmitt and Preston Blair are the animators in one of Tex Avery’s all-time greats.

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  1. 2/19/15
    RobGems.ca Wrote:
    A favorite of mine when I was a child and this cartoon was shown repeatedly on Channel 50(WDBK) in Detroit Michigan. I particularly loved the part when the black cat nonchalantly wandered in to the scenes out of nowhere (seemingly) and surprised the bully bulldog with the various casualties (bricks, horseshoes, (and the horse!),a safe, a piano, a fire hydrant, and on and on, even an ocean liner(!) when the dumb bulldog accidentally swallowed the whistle. And all this to the casual tune of "Coming Through The Rye." Also good: When the kitten played "Yankee Doodle" on the dog's teeth after being crushed by a piano, then slamming his mouth shut on his teeth like a deranged pianist. The dog's laughter ("Muh-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu!") was supposedly done by Tex Avery himself.