Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Town of Today

As Paul Frees’ relaxed voice lulls us into a sense of contentment, as Scott Bradley’s flutes and strings play a light version of “Over the Rainbow,” and as the camera languidly moves along a background painting, Tex Avery sets us up for his first joke in “T.V. of Tomorrow.”

Suddenly, TV antennas pop into view, filling the screen, showing how television had come to dominate 1950s small-town America.

Avery was now experimenting with his version of limited animation, so the only movement in the first 20 seconds of the cartoon involves overlays and camerawork.

There’s no background credit on the cartoon. Johnny Johnsen was Tex’s background guy, but I can’t help but wonder if someone else (like Joe Montell or Vera Ohman) was responsible for this because of the more modern design.

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  1. This had to have been an MGM release if it included "Over the Rainbow" in its underscore. Occasionally--and from what I have observed VERY occasionally--the MGM cartoons utilized music from "The Wizard of Oz" when appropriate. However, their use of music from the extensive MGM music library, including scores from the numerous live action musicals and comedies, was a frequent occurrence. But I notice that in those days, anything that originated at one studio tended to remain the property of that studio.