Monday 18 August 2014

Early Jones Take

The goofy white magician’s rabbit indulges in a take in “Prest-O Chang-O” (1939). These are consecutive frames. It reminds me of a Casper Caveman take in “Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur,” the next Chuck Jones cartoon to be released by Warners.

And the dog’s eyes widen, too.

With one exception, Ken Harris, Bob McKimson and Phil Monroe got the rotating animation credits on Jones’ cartoons that year.


  1. I really wish I knew who animated this. It couldn't be Scribner, considering Jones refused to let him move to his unit.

    1. A note received from Devon today: Scribner was in the Jones unit.

  2. What did Jones have against Scribner wanting to work in his unit?Was he that particular about who he used to animate?Don't quite see what difference it would make.I would think Chuck would welcome fresh blood in the unit.Or maybe it wasn't studio protocol to just hop from one group to another.Though at Warners,I understand the individual units were always taking suggested gags from others aound the studio.