Tuesday 28 January 2014

But He Already Has Wings

Woody Woodpecker gets killed, along with the dozy cop, in “Ration Bored” (as an aside, the short also features a dozy gas station attendant. Bugs Hardaway seemed to like characters who were “slow”). Up to Heaven they go and the final gag is the noble (but stupid) enforcer of the law gets a smaller set of angel wings than the anti-social Woody. I love how the green fills his eyes to make him appear more evil.

Then the woodpecker flies under and over the cop, and they chase each other as the cartoon ends. These drawings are on twos.

Bob Bentley gets the only animation credit. This is the last cartoon where Woody was voiced by Kent Rogers before going into military service (he died in a wartime training exercise).

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  1. I'm almost certain that this is Emery Hawkins's animation, although the drawing suggests Pat Matthews. RATION BORED was where the streamlined and more appealing Woody had its earliest origin, but it took Shamus Culhane (only one cartoon later) to really pull it off.