Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bulldog in a Box

At first, it looks like Tex Avery has a continuity error in “Bad Luck Blackie” (1947). But Tex was so meticulous with each frame, I suspect what’s happened is he wanted a gag to register so he backed up a bit in time.

The little kitty hesitantly opens the jack-in-a-box and the head sticks out. But then Tex cuts to a long shot and the head hasn’t stuck out yet.

The kitten watches the bulldog pop up for ten drawings, then the take. Note the anticipation first. The fourth drawing is on one frame, the other kittens are held for two, but the bulldog moves like, well, a jack-in-the-box would.

Louie Schmitt designed the characters and gets an animation credit, along with Preston Blair, Walt Clinton and Grant Simmons.

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