Tuesday 30 October 2012

Buccaneer Bunny Teeth Grind

Seagoin’ Sam almost shoots himself in the head, thanks to Bugs Bunny trickery in “Buccaneer Bunny” (released 1947). Then he realises. And he looks toward Bugs.

Frustration gag.

Manny Perez, Gerry Chiniquy, Virgil Ross and Ken Champin are the credited animators.

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  1. The "Dead rabbits/men tell no tales" wordplay between Sam & Bugs has a lightness to it that only Warners' writers at Mel Blanc seemed to be able to consistently pull off. That makes Sam's teeth cracking frustration even funnier when he figures out he's been had.

    It was either Maltese or Pierce here with the verbal gag to set up Sam forcing himself to commit suicide, but Friz did something similar with Maltese and the "It's curtains" gag from "Racketeer Rabbit", and Warren Foster and Freleng would have their own wordplay bit a few years later with the "Take this mug into the other room and let him have it," gag in "Bugs and Thugs".