Tuesday 26 June 2012

Señor Droopy Swirls

Ever seen characters swirl from one take to the next? It happens in “Señor Droopy” (released 1948) where the Tex Avery wolf and a bull go at it in the ring. Here are some drawings of the characters getting stretched into the swirls.

A mass of brown brushstrokes give the appearance of spinning like a top. Soon, the swirls separate into the colour of the two characters and they stop, with the swirls vanishing. Below, you can see the outlines of the characters behind the swirls.

Avery’s animators in this cartoon are Bobe Cannon, Walt Clinton, Preston Blair, Mike Lah and Grant Simmons.


  1. Bobo Cannon! Better dancing than BALLET-OOP.

  2. I always wondered who that animator was for Tex with those smooth swish lines; it makes me believe Cannon also animated the introduction of the Fox in "Out-Foxed".

    I always thought the best character animation (in my opinion) of Droopy amused while looking at the attractive lady in his magazine.