Friday, 25 November 2011

Proof That Times Change

81 years ago, there were the most popular guests in America’s living rooms.

Today, you can’t even mention their names without starting a debate.

‘Check and Double Check’ was released in 1930. Sources today say it wasn’t really a success because the two-man dialogue of the 15-minute radio show didn’t quite translate into a feature film, but newspaper ads of the day show the movie did business for almost a year. Still, if there were plans for a sequel, they were shelved. After the release of this movie, with the exception of a couple of lacklustre animated versions, Amos and Andy avoided the big screen and stuck to selling Pepsodent on the airwaves.


  1. I loved them and so did my dad. In 1993 I got at Missouri';s Bannister Mall a video of them. Holy Mackerel! [even heard their Christmas show once..]

    Steve C.