Friday, 9 March 2018

Surprising a Turtle

This is about as exaggerated a take as the Walter Lantz studio would try in 1939. It’s Winchester the turtle in Life Begins For Andy Panda.

The cartoon owes a lot to network radio. Andy and “dwaddy” are lifted straight out of Baby Snooks while there’s a comic relief turtle that sounds like Rochester (Mrs. Panda is an imitation of Edna Mae Oliver and Mrs. Kangaroo is Zasu Pitts).

There are no artist or music credits on the cartoon. Sara Berner and (a wild guess) Danny Webb provide voices and Mel Blanc does a couple of incidental characters. Berenice Hansell could be baby Andy.

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  1. The turtle's name is Mr. Whippletree, Yowp (though other classic sources do simply refer to him as "Winchester Turtle" (i.e. Nat Falk's old How To Make Animated Cartoons book) ..