Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Shadowing Disney

Drawing shadows on animated characters wasn’t something you saw a lot of in 1930, but Walt Disney’s staff gives it a try in a few scenes in Pioneer Days.

If you’re wondering what the song is when the natives are in a war dance, it’s “The Sun Dance,” written in 1903 by Leo Friedman. Carl Stalling used it, too, at Warner Bros. You can click on the arrow and hear it below, thanks to the wonderful people at the UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive.


  1. I like how Mickey's tussle in the leaves with the chief has no musical accompaniment - mirroring how dramatic struggles were presented in the majority of live-action films of the early sound era. It also helps build tension, even though the scene is somewhat played for laughs.

  2. From a distance, Mickey sort of looks like Foxy. There was one that Bosko or foxy had a short similar. Don't know the name.