Tuesday, 28 March 2017

People! People!

“People are always getting’ boined up over nuttin’,” gripes the Cat That Hates People (from the cartoon of the same name). “Little things, like sharpenin’ your claws on the livin’ room foinature.” Note the proud look. Cat owners will recognise it.

Come to think of it, cat owners will recognise this, too.

The camera slowly pans left. We see a foot.

Five frames after the camera stops panning.....

The old “broken china” gag that Tex liked so much.

Heck Allen is the storyman in this cartoon, with Bill Shull, Louie Schmitt, Walt Clinton and Grant Simmons animating. We’ll avoid speculation about the cat’s voice.


  1. Wikipedia, citing The Animated Film Encyclopedia, says, "The cat's voice was supplied by radio actor Harry Lang in the style of Jimmy Durante."

    1. Unfortunately, The Animated Film Encyclopedia consists of a lot of guesses by the author, some of which have been proven by subsequent research to be wrong.