Thursday, 24 November 2016

Turkey Take

No outrageously huge eyes in this Tex Avery take. It’s from Jerky Turkey (released 1945). Here are some of the extremes when the turkey realises the pilgrim is firing his machine gunnish blunderbuss at him.

Preston Blair, Ray Abrams and Ed Love are the credited animators in this short.


  1. Ahh.. a classic take by Avery. Happy Thanksgiving Yowp!

  2. Very good..and of course the turkey is "Jimmy Durante as a turk".:)

    BTW someone on the Internet Movie Database (, which you, Yowp,would be VERY well welcome on,* unless you already are on there)in a mostly negative (to say the LEAST!) review of this cartoon credited that Durante voice to Daws Butler...WELL..Metro and Tex both WOULD give him his first (at least major) cartoon voice on (again, a classic) cartoon, but as the hick wolf three years later or so in one of the Riding hood ones...I think someone said Donald Duck pioneeer (who Clarence Nash simply imimated, heard in a number of studios shorts on the west coast), Harry (E.) Lang, did the Durante voice as he did for another Avery character, the "cat who hated people"'s title character and maybe some of the WB uses of Durante's voice in the 1940s.

    *I'm on as gcarras myself. :) Happy Thanksgiving from me..only where he's from it already happened..P) And EAT AT JOE'S

    1. Hi, Steve. As you know, IMDB is not a credible source and it is decidedly not in this instance. Daws Butler never set foot in California until after the war so it's impossible that he's in this cartoon. Both he and Bill Thompson were in the service (far from Hollywood) when this cartoon was made.
      The Durante impression in this cartoon remains unidentified.