Thursday, 24 March 2016

Putting Out the Dog the Van Beuren Way

1933 wasn’t too far removed from the silent film era, so maybe it’s not too surprising some of the cartoons made then didn’t rely on dialogue to put across their gags.

Here’s a sequence from the Cubby Bear cartoon Fresh Ham from the Van Beuren studio. Cubby and his unnamed boy cat cohort run a talent agency and audition acts; this may have been the first cartoon with that setting. The title character is a Shakespearean duck but there’s another act involving an opera-singing lady dachshund. Only she’s a fake. These frames can tell you the gag. She enters the cartoon to the “Return My Love” theme from What’s Opera, Doc?”

Did theatres really use trap doors to get rid of bad acts?

Steve Muffati and Mannie Davis get the “by” credit.

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  1. The 'return my love' tune is the Pilgrim's Chorus from Richard Wagner's oepera Tannhäuser