Monday, 7 March 2016

Pardon My Glove

“So, it’s you, the maniac!” exclaims Wally Walrus (voiced by Jack Mather). “That is an in-sult!” cries Woody Woodpecker (voiced by J. Ben Hardaway), who challenges him to a duel by slapping him with a glove as in the traditional form. The glove is anything but traditional.

Les Kline and Pat Matthews are the only animators to get screen credit. Kline did exaggerated perspective animation like this in other shorts, so he could be responsible here.


  1. According to the draft, this is Sc. 28, animated by Les Kline. The other animators were "Hal", Grim Natwick,Pat Matthews,Casey Onaitis and Verne Harding.

    1. Thanks, Mark. I'd guess Hal was Hal Mason but I don't know how late he stayed at Lantz, or whether he left for the war then returned.

  2. ..and the cartoon's title is "Well Oiled".