Friday, 8 January 2016

Lady Bugs

Bugs Bunny does his drag routine again, this time in Frigid Hare. No dialogue is really needed. Mike Maltese writes a nice variation on the pop-out-eyes routine by having the eyes form hearts that check out Bugs’ figure.

Chuck Jones’ fine crew is at work here: Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Lloyd Vaughan and Phil Monroe.


  1. Inuit appears to be another Chuck Jones caricature (a la Little John in Rabbit Hood).

  2. And it has the little penguin later in "8 Ball Bunny" (1950) but then dropped.SC

  3. 1/10/16 Wrote:
    "What a dope!" "What an eskimo pie-head!"
    Unfortunately, due to P.C. politics, you won't hear that "pie-head" line in today's rare airings of this cartoon. Bugs in drag is okay to the censors, but not quoting something racist or offensive. The late 40's and early 50's were just a different, less enlightened time period than that of 2016.