Monday, 16 November 2015

Goodbye, Waves Barney Bear

There’s an early Yogi Bear cartoon where the smarter-than-the-average you-know-what is suspended in mid-air after some balloons break. He turns to the audience, waves with a sad look on his face and then plummets out of the frame.

It sounds like something borrowed from Wile E. Coyote, but we also find it pre-Wile E. in the 1947 MGM cartoon The Bear and the Hare, co-directed by Mike Lah and Preston Blair. Incidentally, Lah animated the Yogi scene mentioned above.

It’s a six-drawing cycle, with the first and fourth drawings (the paw up and paw down) held for two frames. The third and the fifth drawings are re-used.

Here’s the cycle.

And here’s Barney falling out the scene.

Don Patterson, Irv Levine, Ray Abrams and Gil Turner provide solid, though not spectacular, animation. The story writer is not credited.

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  1. I've always loved thgis one both the snow blending in and then right after whrere the rabbit SUDDENLY appears and also, including another thing borrowed from a Warner cartoon here...from Bob McKimson';s early short 1947's "One Meat Brawl", the rabbit's sob story, in pantomime this time, (rhyme unintended) of having many children, and the imaginary children keep overpopulating the forest as the rabbit keeps thumping..