Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Tex Avery used long limo gags in his cartoons and Bob Clampett does the same thing in “It’s a Grand Old Nag” (1946).

It has a sunglasses and an Oscar hood ornament. The sunglasses remind me of Clampett himself in photos from the late ‘40s and early ’50 when he was producing A Time For Beany.

The topper gag is when the limo turns a corner, it turns out to be fake, with Charlie Horse (Stan Freberg) churning the pedals while director Retake (Dave Barry) does nothing because he’s Important in Hollywood.

I doubt Bob Clampett had a phoney limo but I’ll bet he had cash-flow problems like other cartoon producers of the time. This was the only short he made under a deal with Republic.


  1. I still wonder what the hell is being said during the shot of the Oscar hood ornament.

  2. I assume the row of spares in back of the limo is a leftover tire-rationing joke. (Maybe not leftover; when did tire rationing end?)

    1. I thought it was just an excess joke, but I could be wrong.