Monday, 19 October 2015

Lousy Tipper

Tex Avery fills maybe a quarter of “Sh-h-h-h-h-h” with sign gags. The premise is the hotel where Mr. Twiddle is staying at is supposed to be quiet, so the communications are in silent signs. I like how the bellboy flips around one sign and it has three messages. No need to ask why it doesn’t have two (one on either side); it’s a Tex Avery cartoon.

Being a silent cartoon during this portion, the drawings say it all.

Ray Abrams, La Verne Harding and Don Patterson animate this, Avery’s last completed theatrical cartoon.


  1. The bellboy is bald in the shots from inside the room but has hair in the shots from the hallway. Somebody was drawing off-model (or else ink-and-paint screwed up).

  2. La Verne Harding animated this scene.

  3. The cuckoo clock bird seems to resemble a certain sociopathic woodpecker.

    Always wondered why Tex never directed a "Woody" during his time at Lantz.

  4. Probably not the same Mr. Twiddle who was zookeeper at the Tiergarten where Wally Gator was resident.