Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wild Bill

In “Wild and Woody!” a Western type has uncontrollable hiccoughs.

I’m certain Bugs Hardaway had to have come up with this gag. Nobody else would have tried this tired, obvious pun as the Westerner turns around.

And I’m about as certain Pat Matthews did the animation on this scene. He loved horizontal stretches, sliding a character a couple of frames instead of walking him and the angular mouth design you see in the second drawing (he used it in “The Bandmaster”). Ed Love gets the other animation credit.

Late word: I forgot that Mark Kausler has a copy of the animation draft for this cartoon and it’s on-line. Matthews did the above scene. La Verne Harding, Fred Moore, Ken O’Brien and Les Kline also worked on the cartoon in addition to Love.

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