Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Journey of a Cocoanut

The Half-Pint Pygmy (from the 1948 cartoon of the same name) tries to bop his hunters with a cocoanut he’s hoisted into a very tall tree. And it works.

But that sets off a string of gags as the cocoanut continues on its merry way after conking George and Junior on the head.

It klumps into a zebra, making the animal’s stripes drop off.

An ostrich shrinks.

In one kangaroo’s pouch and out the others. The kangaroos have Avery-type mouse ears.

The spots fall off a leopard.

A turtle is knocked out of its shell.

The neck on a giraffe contracts while a nearby hippo’s simultaneously grows.

A long-neck crane shrinks to the ground.

My favourite gag. The cocoanut goes over a goal post like a football, to the cheers of a crowd. Tex Avery and Heck Allen havea string of animal gags, so the football one comes out of nowhere.

The plates on a rhino fall off, revealing an emaciated creature (that pays no attention to what’s just happened).

The cocoanut bounces off each hump of a camel, sending them from the top of the animal’s body to the underside.

Finally, the cocoanut returns whence it came and crashes down on the pygmy.

Louie Schmitt, Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons and Bill Shull are the credited animators.

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