Friday, 17 April 2015

Morning, Noon and Night Club

The cityscapes in “Morning, Noon and Night Club” (1937) don’t have the wonderful everything’s-melted look of Fleischer shorts from a few years earlier, but they’re nice enough nonetheless.

I can’t clip together a long pan without extreme grey-tone changes, so here are a few parts of the opening background (try to ignore Bluto being in the way).

The entrance to the nightclub. There’s a little bit more of the drawing at the right.

And the first interior shot.

As usual, the background artist is unidentified.

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  1. The 1935-38 backgrounds seemed to get a little more solid so they could transition from the painted backgrounds to the 3-D setbacks without there being that much difference. The painted ones of the period may not have the 'melted' look, but the amount of detail contained in them, to mirror the detail in the 3-D dioramas, is still extremely impressive.