Thursday, 2 April 2015

An Old Bag

Screwy Squirrel’s reaction when the rich, wart-faced dowager wants to buy him from a pet shop for Lonesome Lenny.


The truth.

Ray Abrams, Preston Blair, Walt Clinton and Ed Love animate Screwy’s farewell performance.


  1. For some reason, before Ted Turner acquired the MGM library, the pre-47 MGM cartoon library they had included this cartoon, but minus this scene -- it simply started with the shot of the mansion before the fade to Lenny in his room (the cut was obvious, but I was assuming it was due to some sort of blackface gag, and was surprised when the offending part turned out to be against rich-but-ugly dowagers).

  2. "He don't work no more".

    Screwball Squirrel was my number one favorite cartoon character from the pre-tv era.
    o character -Bugs included-epitomized cartoon mayhem like him, before or since.